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A site dedicated the absolution and purification of the Human Race. Kidding! A review site where all sorts of media and mediums shall be disected, bisected, and basically torn apart.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

When Demons Show

Welcome, one and all, to the site that shall hopefully produce rewards on the base of user-feedback about my writing style.

I tend to write for the hell of it, and do it for fun. I read books, I listen to music, and I play video games. Mostly the latter.

A lot of the latter.

Anyways, this site will be dedicated to anything that I feel like. Mostly, it will be reviews of the aformentioned things, but personal updates in my life MAY squeeze their way into it.

Either way, I hope you have fun.

-Justin "Demon G Sides"

Aim: DeathtoVincenzo
MSN: omega-_-merc@hotmail.com
XBL GT: Demon G Sides (preferably), Omega Merc (sometimes)